Round 6, P90X-2, Days 67-70: It’s a Pull Up Miracle!

handsAs I worked my way through my final week of the “Strength Phase,” I achieved a new milestone. Although pull ups are no longer my focus, per se, the dedicated reader is certainly aware of my past obsessions over my one-time nemesis.

While going through the Strength Phase, I kept logging modest increases in pull ups from week to week. And as I was approaching my final week, I was beginning to reach the frontier–the outer edge of my ability to pull up. So it was in that final week that I was determined–who knows why really, what inner demon torments me?–to log my best pull up effort for this 90 day round. And what was the result? It was 300 cumulative, unassisted pull ups for the combination of Chest + Back + Balance and Base + Back.

Yes, I know. Why sacrifice the ability to move your arms to log these milestones? I mean, I had to be spoon-fed my meals over the weekend as I recovered from the effort. To what end? All I can say in my defense is that it’s weirdly “fun,” from time to time, to test my limits. And as of December 2012, 300 pull ups in the last week of the Strength Phase of P90X-2 is my limit. And, hey, no more pull ups on the schedule for the remainder of this year.

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