Round 6, P90X-2, Days 71-74: Wrong Again!

homer-doh-squaregreenWell, as it turns out, my celebrations about not needing to do any more pull ups for the remainder of the year were premature. The mind is an amazing thing. It just tosses away bad memories. And, apparently, the towel pull ups in P.A.P. Upper were not worthy of keeping in my gauzy images of the past.

But here’s the disturbing thing. Before posting my bold assertion that I was done with pull ups for the year, I actually went out of my way and looked up the routines in P.A.P. Upper just to confirm there were no pull ups. So intent was I to shape reality to my desire, that I did not see the four rounds of 10 towel pull ups that now suddenly appear as I recheck the listing.

How could I forget those pull ups? How could I fail to see them listed on the workout sheet? What else am I missing? Am I really that oblivious? Wait. No. Don’t answer that.

So what if I’ve sacrificed a few brain cells in the pursuit of physical fitness. Hey, I can do pull ups now. And what’s the big deal anyway? It’s just 40 towel pull ups.

Though, it is harder to “get going” when you weren’t expecting to have to do them.

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