Round 6, P90X-2, Days 75-81: Dude…

dude_clrsAs a public service, I am providing still more insights into the esoterica of P90X2.

One of the benefits of doing the same routines over and over (and over) again is that I can recite the script along with the cast. Or I can just put the video on mute and listen to the voices in my head.

Anyway, I have long been fascinated by Tony Horton’s use of the word “Dude,” peppered throughout the PAP Upper routine. It’s hard to ignore, and once aware of it, it’s downright distracting. Like it should be a drinking game: every time Tony Horton says “dude,” take a swig of Results & Recovery formula.

Well if you were to play that game, exactly how may swigs would you take in the PAP Upper routine? The answer? 17. That’s right, “dude” is uttered 17 times. Don’t be fooled, like many that it’s only 16 times. Tony lets one last “dude” slip out as the video comes to an end when they’re all done with the workout.

Oh, and “you’re welcome.”

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