Round 6, P90X-2, Days 82-87: Uncle!

christmasfeastPlease, just take the food away. It’s all just too much.

It’s not that it isn’t all very, very good. It’s too good, in fact. The problem is my poor body isn’t up to the task of digesting it all.

Moderation. Moderation, you may say. Yes, well that’s all well and good. And if I may be candid, easy for you, gentle reader, to say as you sit back and read this, judgmental and separate for the sumptuous aromas that taunt me.

It’s just one day, I tell myself. One meal. But then comes the next day, and the next meal at the next party. And the cycle begins anew. Life is a celebration. But life is also a roll of Tums. Everything in its place and time.

It will be interesting to see if I can do a forward fold bend as I attempt yoga later today.

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