My Round 6, P90X-2 Results

Round_6_P90X2_ResultsOn December 28th, 2012, I completed my sixth round of Beachbody, LLC 90 day workout regimens.  And, for the first time ever, I actually got it done in the allotted 90 days!

My first round started in January 2011 and was straight P90X Classic. My secondthird and fourth rounds blended the Insanity workout into the P90X schedule to amp up the cardio and plyometric routines. My fifth and sixth rounds embraced P90X-2 as my instrument of torture. Since the results don’t actually speak for themselves, I’ll step in an provide some commentary.

What is P90X-2?

If you’ve happened upon this post in search of a review of the P90X-2 program, let me refer you to my prior round Review & Results, where I go into some detail explaining the rationale, structure and results I achieved in my first effort with P90X-2. With this results report, I’ll focus instead on my sixth round experience and assume the reader is acquainted with P90X-2.

So, Does There Remain Anything New Under the Sun?

Well, for me anyway, there were some new–and daring–developments. This round, I abandoned my use of the heart rate monitor. And, with the exception of the Strength Phase, I pretty much stopped anal-retentively writing down every single rep and weight used in each and every routine. I know what you’re thinking: he’s completely lost his mind. Where’s the PROOF vis-à-vis progress? How can you track results without DATA?

I get what you’re saying, believe me. But with this round, I was feeling pretty confident about my willingness to challenge myself while staying rational about the fluctuations in my ability from day to day. That’s right. From time to time, I allowed myself to lower the weights and reps, based on how I was feeling. Allowing myself this freedom helped me to avoid injury and complete this round in exactly 90 days.

But not to worry. I didn’t completely go off the deep end. I tracked my results in the Strength Phase. That means I tracked Pull Ups.

Yeah, so what about Pull Ups? I’ll cut you some slack, because there are always new readers or you may not have yet finished reading all 405 of my posts to date. So here’s the deal: when I started P90X, I couldn’t do even a single pull up. It’s true. Since then, however, I experienced tremendous gains, and my obsessive-compulsive personality logged each and every rep along the journey.  I was happy with the gains. When I started with X2, I relieved myself of the self-imposed pressure to continually log pull up gains.

With this P90X-2 Round, however, I decided to give my reasonable best effort in the pull up department. What do I consider “reasonable best effort.” It’s sorta like “rational self interest.” Optimize results, while avoiding injury. This approach worked fairly well, although I am nursing some tendinitis in my tennis elbow area. And, to be completely honest, I think towel pull ups contributed more to this than actual tennis.

Since I made the effort, I’m posting the results for the six weeks I was in the Strength Phase.

By Routine:


And cumulative by week:


I also continued to play a lot of tennis, both doubles and singles. To survive this, I mixed up  the order of my scheduled routines as needed. Always trying to keep Yoga, Rest and Recovery & Mobility on tennis days.

I also enjoyed several satisfying backpacking trips. (Here’s another). The motivation to suffer through these P90X routines is to ensure I can continue to enjoy tennis and hiking.

All the stability moves lifting weights and squatting on one leg continue to pay dividends. P90X-2 is a good workout regimen for me.

What’s Next?

I’m taking a few weeks off to rest and recover. Then I plan to spend my next 90 days with a P90X / X2 Hybrid. I want to get back to some of the classic P90X routines both out of nostalgia and wanting to mix it up. But I’m making it an X2 Hybrid because the stability stuff is really what I need and must continue to develop. I’ll post the schedule soon, after I finalize it.

I almost forgot. Just weighed myself. I no longer do this every day either. But the last several times I have over the past month, I’ve weighed in at 152. That’s where I am now. Up a steady 2 lbs. I’d like to think it’s all muscle mass, but the belly blob suggests otherwise. I realize no tears will be shed over my predicament. And I’m not really concerned about it either. Tennis is starting up again. And the P90X routines burn more calories than X2, so my cumulative burn is about to go up.

Here’s wishing you all a happy, healthy and “X- like” New Year!

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