Round 7: P90X / X2 Hybrid, Days 3 & 4: Rest, Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X

Humble-PieMilestone: Two years ago today, I began my P90X effort.

As I was suffering through today’s P90X Shoulder & Arms routine, I was getting a serious hankerin’ for some pie: of the humble pie variety.

So after enjoying my Day 3 Rest, I popped in the P90X Shoulders & Arms DVD. I looked it up. I haven’t done this routine since April 17, 2012 during my Round 4 Hybrid. I also pulled out my last chart from that Round. Mr. Ego then began the routine at the same weights as he last recorded.

I was quickly humbled. I struggled to keep the weight and reps the same in the first move. Subsequent moves sometimes demanded lower weights, reps or both. I was thinking, “really?” I could do this nine months ago. For the most part, I managed to keep the weights and reps the same, but it was very, very difficult. P90X-2 has a Shoulder & Arms routine as well. But you do all the moves balanced on one foot, so–unless you’re some kind of god–your weights are significantly lower. This is all good for core and stability but strength does clearly suffer. It just wasn’t crystal clear to me until today.

Next, I continued on and did the Ab Ripper X routine. This once easy routine that I blasted through in past rounds was also annoyingly difficult. Early on, the bicycles had my quads on fire. And the Fifer Scissors, my one-time nemesis: I did ’em but they sure were ugly. In fact, I did all the reps in the routine, but it was definitely an “ab ripping” experience.

Between the Shoulders and Arms and Ab Ripper efforts I know I will be feeling mighty sore for the next two days.  Never let anyone tell you P90X is too easy. It was a torture chamber in my workout area today!

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