Round 7: P90X / X2 Hybrid, Day 5: X2 Yoga

home-large-gumbyToday, I focused on getting my mind right as I began the X2 Yoga routine.

Between rounds, for the past several weeks, I’ve done abbreviated X2 Yoga sessions as warm up and stretching for tennis. I knew that today, it would be important to “just go with it” and avoid my tendency to think ahead or rush. So I took my watch off and did the routine, just trying not to think about anything else.

When I’m thinking of other stuff, the yoga seems to take forever. But when I successfully focus, it seems to move at a decent pace. Even though I managed to focus on the yoga pretty well, the routine was harder than it had been of late. Yesterday’s Shoulders & Arms made my push ups in the moving asana sequence quite the struggle. And holding warrior 2, that was also ache-inducing.

Aside from these minor quibbles, that was the extent of my limitations. I performed the routine pretty well. It fixed the cramp in my neck that was tightening from the Shoulder and Arm exertion. As always, yoga was a needed and helpful routine for this exercise regimen.

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