Round 7: P90X / X2 Hybrid, Days 10 – 16: The Return of Legs & Back

Legs_and_BackThis past week really got away from me, blog-wise. I did keep up with this hybrid routine, though.

Of note, last Friday I did the P90X Legs and Back routine. This is another routine that I hadn’t done since last April. I knew it was coming. I put it on the schedule. And admittedly, I was nervous. For me, this has always been the most difficult of all the P90X routines. And once again, it did not disappoint. What makes it hard? All the pull ups. All those oxygen-sucking squats. And the extra time I always need to take to recover my heart rate makes it the longest workout for me as well.

I did the jump knee tucks, but kept the weights at about half the level I had used prior to getting my knee injury last year. So, like Tony Horton, I kept it in the 20-30 lb range. Still, it was difficult. And while my pull ups were below my all time highs from April 2012, they were still respectable.

Anyway, I’m into week three and changing the sequence of the routines up a bit to accommodate my schedule and tennis. But still on track.


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