Round 7: P90X / X2 Hybrid, Days 20 – 22: Base + Back, ARX, Backpacking & Yoga

Pine_Mountain_Trail_WaterfallI closed out a rainy week 3 with Base + Back and X2 Ab Ripper before heading out on an overnight backpacking trip along the Pine Mountain Trail in Georgia. Luck was on our side, as the clouds gave way to sunshine and warm weather as we ventured along the serpentine trail that twists and turns through the FDR State Park.

It’s a pretty easy trail to hike, with no real steep ups or downs. We had a good crew of boys and adults. It was quite nice sitting around our campfire Saturday evening, just shooting the breeze. It was a moonless, clear night, so we were treated to a beautiful star-lit sky. One of the younger boys, in all sincerity commented how in his “entire” life he had never seen a shooting star, and on that evening he had seen three. I just smiled to myself when I heard that. Another convert. He will likely remember those stellar streaks his whole life. Maybe, when he’s older, he’ll even want to take his kids out into the woods to share that common experience of communing with others and with nature. It’s a wonderful thing to see.

We really were spoiled by the weather. The next morning, even our tents were dry as we packed up out gear. It’s so nice to be able to pack your gear without having to set it back up to dry upon returning home. And shortly after we arrived back, the heavens opened again. Pouring rain through the night into today.

Saturday was a scheduled rest day. I guess nine miles of backpacking counts as rest. And on Sunday, I just took another rest day from week 4 and deferred P90X Yoga until today. I’m no longer of the frame of mind to come back from a backpacking trip and then do P90X, even if it is just Yoga. Am I getting soft? Am I losing my resolve? I don’t think so. I think I just take a longer term view nowadays and give myself credit for the effort of my “resting” activities.

So today, I did full-on P90X Yoga for the first time since last May. It’s over 90 minutes long and so requires more mental surrender than the 64 minute P90X2 Yoga. I was surprised how well I did. Even though I hadn’t done it in nine months, the P90X2 exercises continued to build capabilities that really help pull off all those static standing poses in the second half of the P90X Yoga routine.  And there’s clearly benefit to the additional time commitment. There’s much more back nurturing in the P90X Yoga than the P90X2 version. At least that’s how it feels to me.

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