Round 7: P90X / X2 Hybrid, Days 23 – 28: Recovery, Hiking & Tennis

KennesawThis past weekend, after completing my week 4 recovery, Eileen and I did a pleasurable 6 mile hike on Kennesaw Mountain. We did the hike in the company of the Atlanta Outdoor Club. The walk totaled about 6 miles round trip.  It’s good exercise and offers great views of Atlanta, Stone Mountain and the surrounding areas. It’s also historic and the site of Civil War battles from the Atlanta Campaign. There are still defensive earthworks on top of the mountain.

It was a cold day, but good weather for hiking uphill. And, just for the record, it was Eileen’s idea to go on a hike. I had just purchased a new pair of boots for my hut to hut hike in Austria later this year. She knew I would want to test them out. She’s so observant. I’m so predictable. Anyway, I bought a pair of Salewa Alp Trainer Mid boots from the folks at High Country Outfitters. They were very good at helping me identify the right boot for the occasion. I wore them with comfort and confidence on the Kennesaw hike. No blisters, no hot-spots. Salewa, uniquely, offers a 30 day no blister guarantee. If you get blisters within 30 days of purchase you can return them, no questions asked. They also have a 2 year warranty.

So far, I’m very pleased with the boots. I know boots are a very personal thing, and one person’s ideal is another’s nightmare. But I have a narrow foot and this boot holds my heel in place, avoiding friction. And the front, while narrow, is perfectly roomy for me. No rubbing on the sides, no toe-jams going down hill. They’re very lightweight, with good grippy soles. If you have medium to narrow feet and plan on carrying less than 40 pounds, I recommend trying them out.

The recovery week went well and I actually went into yesterday’s mixed doubles tennis match with no pain issues whatsoever. No tweaks, no aches, no tightness. So, I’m still a fan of this hybrid with the additional recovery times. The only minor issue I have is that, arguably  including the P90X-2 Total Body routine in a recovery week is somewhat questionable. To my thinking, pull ups have no place in a recovery week. I did them anyway, because I put them on the schedule. Fortunately, Total Body doesn’t really have that many pulls ups to cause any issues.

So, now on to week 5.

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