QuestionMarksI awoke this day with trepidation and clenched my fist as I parted the blinds to peer out my window to view the world. I was gladdened by the visage before me. For, lo, the sky had not fallen. It remained in its place. And the birds sang their songs of praise. Indeed, the planes still drew their arcs and the children, the precious children, were in school. I smiled. For it was good.

This leaves me with questions.

Why is it that my reward for increasingly diligent efforts to save for my retirement, after having lost 50% of my net worth in the collapse of the stock market, is met with an increase in my capital gains tax rate? So that after the stock market recovers to where it was seven years ago, I pay a higher rate on money that was already taxed when initially earned. Why is it that I don’t need that money, yet someone else who didn’t save has some claim on my life?  Why am I responsible for my actions and choices but others aren’t?

Why is it that every employee in America just experienced a 2% payroll reduction and is expected to take it in stride? Yet the Federal Government is such a finely tuned machine, that a 2.5% cut in expenditures will result in an Apocalypse?

Give me a break. It insults my intelligence.

Week six done.

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