Round 7: P90X / X2 Hybrid, Days 43 & 44: Hey, Just Wait a Darn Second…

22_sneaky_lungesUgh. Sorry. I was so consumed with spewing my prior hate-infused post that I completely forgot to share my “revelation o’ the week” with you, my loyal readership.

As you are completely aware from this blog post’s title and my relentless updates, this is my seventh round of P90X-related programs.  Through the course of these seven rounds, I have performed the P90X Legs and Back routine approximately 35 times to far. And, likewise, I have engaged in one component of this routine, the “Sneaky Lunge” the same 35 times.

Now, if you are a loyal reader of this blog (and you no doubt are), you are aware of my propensity to quantify results, reducing my efforts and experiences to the cold reality of the numbers that result. For such is my nature: by measuring, to understand the world around me.

Well, for some odd reason, maybe because by the time sneaky lunges come along in the workout, I’ve never counted the actual number of lunges performed. Lack of oxygen reaching the brain and the commensurately reduced higher cognitive function are the likely reasons. But I must be getting fitter. Because last Friday I had the faculty and the curiosity to count the lunges while doing them.  “Do as many as you can, we’re doing 20,” Tony Horton announces at the beginning of the effort. And so the exercise begins, counting one and two and so on. But somewhere around lunge 16, Tony errs and miscounts. The result is that those 20 promised lunges explode by 10% to a total of 22.

This means that all of us–not just me–have been duped all this time into doing two extra lunges and getting no credit for it whatsoever. Over the course of time, this shocking oversight has resulted in my having performed a grand total of 70 extra, unrecognized lunges (35 Legs & Back routines x 2 additional sneaky lunges/routine = 70).

So, only now have I come to realize the genesis of the name “Sneaky Lunge.” For indeed it is a sneaky exercise, requiring two more reps than stated. And it is sneaky because this fact has escaped my awareness for over two years.

Damn you, Tony Horton! What other lies yet await my discovery?

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