Round 7: P90X / X2 Hybrid, Days 45 – 47: Half Way

half_full_ligI’m now half way through this round. A milestone. Do I look back with joy at the accomplishment? Or do I mourn the passing of those days? Should I swirl the glass in anticipation of the second half? Or should I fear it?

With that next sip, there’s the moment. Drink it up. As someone once said: enjoy the journey.

So as it turned out, Day 45 way a rest day for me.  Up until now in this round, I’ve just been resting or hiking or whatever on these scheduled days. But this week I decided to revisit the Recovery and Mobility DVD and spend some time foam rolling. Now, for me, the Recovery and Mobility thing falls into the category of knowing it’s beneficial, yet hardly ever doing it. But I was glad I invested the time because it really was beneficial. My legs were tight and the rolling hurt like hell. Yet afterwards, I felt much better. So know I need to somehow remember that feeling so I can motivate myself to keep taking advantage of the routine.

I also did Chest, Shoulders & Triceps this week and managed to get in a few more push ups  and a little more weight on some of the shoulder stuff. As a result, my arms were wobbly in today’s yoga. My left arm was trembling while in downward dog. No pain. Just still recovering from yesterday. It still amazes me how just a very minor increase in something has such a noticeable effect.

On to the second half. Cheers!

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