Round 7: P90X / X2 Hybrid, Days 48 – 56: What’s that Sound?

deniro_tattooLast Friday, as I was in the midst of the Base + Back routine, a neighbor came by to drop off some stuff for a dinner we were hosting on Saturday. My wife was good enough to answer the door and leave me to my internal demons. Well, later that evening, my wife shared with me that our neighbor, while dropping off the supplies, asked what’s that horrible sound coming from your basement? To which my wife replied, “Oh that? That’s the daily, one-hour prison movie that’s plays in our basement.”

Now, as you’ve probably already surmised, the protagonist in that prison movie was, in fact, me grunting and groaning my way through the 150 cumulative pull ups in the Base + Back routine.  When Eileen told me that little story, I had to laugh. It’s true, I do get noisy at times as I struggle with my self-imposed demands in these various workouts. I’m also from New York, so let’s just say I have a rich vocabulary at my disposal. And I’ve been know to employ it, loudly, shouting expletives at Tony Horton or Shaun T as I finish a particularly taxing effort. Yeah, that’s right, I’m alone in the basement working out and, from time to time, I curse at the TV. With conviction.

So yes, my friends, it’s not all roses and unicorns here. But it is hard to take yourself too seriously when you’re talking to the TV set.

So how was the dinner? It was wonderful. And educational. I can now tell you what the inside of a freezer looks like the next morning after one of our guests put two bottles of campaign inside. I had the opportunity to free my emotions with some decidedly colorful language that Sunday as well! I made this discovery after completing 90 minutes of Yoga X. In a phrase: “No more zen.”

I’m now into Week 8 and my second Recovery period.

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