Round 7: P90X / X2 Hybrid, Day 77: Rest, Tennis & Pause

ball-outPride goeth before a fall. ~Proverbs, 16:18

It was a mistake to play those final two singles matches. I felt compelled to give it a shot because I had been having such a good singles season. And so what if the doctor advised not playing tennis for the time being? What does he know?

Well, in Saturday’s match, I lost the first set 1-6 because every shot involved pain. I almost retired the match after that set, except that the pain subsided after the Advil kicked in. Without the pain, I won the next two sets easily.

Then last night, I played my final singles match of the season. It was a waste of time for me to even be out there losing that match and further aggravating my tennis elbow. Because I couldn’t swing through the ball without pain, I was pushing it. Pushing it into the net cord and pushing it 2-3 inches out. So frustrating. I repeatedly set myself up to hit winners, which I promptly flubbed because I couldn’t generate racket head speed. I lost in two sets.

I really enjoy playing tennis. But not under those conditions. It is no fun at all to play in pain and to be unable to execute routine shots. No. Better to stop and hopefully recover with time.

So I’m going on record here that I’m not going to play tennis for 3-4 months to allow myself the best chance of full recovery. I’m also done with any weights and pull ups that annoy that elbow. This likely seems very rational and obvious to anyone reading this. But it is very difficult for me to step back and take the break. One of the primary reasons I work out in these programs is to extend my ability to play reasonably good tennis. Now, I’ve eliminated a major component of my workout regimen and stopped playing tennis. Very frustrating.

Because I had those final two matches to get in and because I’m away travelling half of this week, I decided to take a week off of this hybrid before resuming with week 12.

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