Round 7: P90X / X2 Hybrid, Day 78: Back & Biceps/Rehab/ARX

whatgoesaroundI had to laugh at the irony of my Back & Biceps routine today. As the reader knows, Back & Biceps is that infamous P90X routine that features the very annoying Katie. And in past posts, I didn’t hold back. I let the judgement flow. I mocked away as as she huffed and puffed her way through Back & Biceps, curling those 3 lb weights.

So why the laughter? Well, today was my opportunity to do Back & Biceps “Katie-style.” This means I never exceeded 5 lbs on any exercise with my right arm. This due to my relentless tennis elbow injury. I also continued to employ the bands in lieu of pull ups. 25 pulls for each type. Anyway, I was laughing because, on some cosmic level, I admit I sort deserve it for using poor Katie as a cheap target of my mud-slinging attempts at humor.

Back & Biceps is an entirely different workout with low weight. Its kind of entertaining. The main thing for me was to get back up on the horse and be able to do something reasonably productive while avoiding pain. Healing this elbow, after all, is the current objective.

And who knows? Maybe Katie was suffering from tennis elbow as well.

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