Round 8: Tai Cheng, Day 2: The Tail of the Phoenix

Windows-Restart-iconToday I completed the second day of the Tai Cheng program. It’s another 30 minute routine. Like yesterday, it consists of a 20 minute “neural re-boot.” The re-boot is a warm up and foam rolling sequence. Also, like yesterday, I found the foam rolling a much-needed sequence. My legs are fairly tight and knotted. Yesterday, being my first day of the Tai Cheng program, I just went with the sequence as presented. But I found the time devoted to the foam rolling to be insufficient for my current needs. Today, I just paused the DVD and foam-rolled to my heart’s content.

I don’t quite fully understand the mental defect I possess that inhibits me from foam rolling in those times when I’m not doing an exercise regimen.  It’s quite irrational, I know. It’s no longer an issue as it appears I’ll be foam rolling every day for the next 88 days as part of this program.

After the warm up, I was introduced to a new tai chi move called the Phoenix Tail. I think I performed it fairly well. I did notice I will need to focus on my posture throughout the series. Fortunately, Dr. Cheng reminds you to check your posture every twenty seconds or so.

So far, this has proven to be very low-intensity stuff. Maybe I burned 20 calories. Coming off of P90X, X2 and Insanity, it’s quite a different mindset. But its fun to do something different and new. And I’ve been feeling pretty good afterwards. Looser.

Will following this program make me less uptight? Will I forgo my right-wing mindset? Will I become more egalitarian? Fear not. If I sense this is happening, I’ll just turn on Fox News and play it in the background as I contradict myself, singing songs of myself.

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