Round 8: Tai Cheng, Days 3 & 4: Ward Off & Pull Back

600px-Taijiquan_SymbolNo, I’m not getting all defensive. The title of today’s post refers to the two new Tai Chi moves I learned yesterday and today.

This first week remains pretty low-key with most of the time spent in the warm-up and foam rolling sequence. That’s perfectly fine with me because 1) I need the foam rolling and stretching and 2) learning only one move each day still intimidates me.

It’s ok, we’re advised at the end of today’s video, if you think you may be forgetting the moves you’ve learned so far. (It’s like they’re reading my mind). Because we will have the opportunity to perform them over an over, learning by repetition.  Hopefully, that will be enough for me. I wasn’t kidding when I said I couldn’t do the macarena.

While the Tai Chi and warm up has been time well spent this far, it hasn’t been a vehicle for me to get my heart rate up, burn calories and get substantial exercise. This weekend, I supplemented the Tai Chi with a 6 mile hike and a 10 mile bike ride. And that’s my plan going forward this summer.

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