Round 8: Tai Cheng, Days 8 – 10: Patting My Head AND Rubbing My Belly

lucy-harpo-mirrorWith the second week of Tai Cheng, we are introduced to combination moves. These moves incorporate the individual stances learned in week one with transitions from one stance to the other. The first day is the Lift & Lower combined with the Phoenix Tail. The second day we combine Ward Off and Pull Back. On the third day, we Press together with Separate & Pull. We then repeat these actions for the remaining three days of the week.

Well, as I feared, simply combining two moves into one sequence resulted in my becoming completely discombobulated. Despite the slow pace, and clear instruction, I always wound up completing the move on the same side. Not realizing that the second half of the week was an opportunity to repeat the first half, I fired up the DVD player to attempt the Lift & Lower/Phoenix Tail combo for a second time later the same day.

Tip of the Day:
By making the additional 7 minute time investment to re-try the sequence, I discovered that what works best for me is to view Dr. Cheng as if he is a mirror image. By doing this little trick, I performed the move correctly each time.

Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest.

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