Round 8: Tai Cheng, Days 15 – 20: Week 3, Six Move Sequence

GG11_Salewa_ALP_Howe_445x260With one session remaining, I’ve now nearly completed week 3, or Phase 1 of the Tai Cheng program.

In this week 3, we continue with the daily Reboot Sequence of stretching and foam rolling. During this time I continue to hit pause and spend more time with the foam roller. My legs are loosening up, but my calves are somewhat tight and triggered. So, I’ve been extending the pain on those spots and working my shoulders, lats and triceps as well. I’ve been doing a fair amount of 5-6 mile hikes each week and my legs are feeling just great when hiking. But they tighten up somewhat the next day and the additional time spent with the foam rolling is beneficial. I’ve also been rolling my triceps because the triggers there are definitely associated with my tennis elbow and range of motion issues. After the foam rolling and Tai Chi moves, my elbow feels much better. I’m hoping that keeping the stress off the afflicted area will help this frustratingly stubborn injury to heal in my lifetime.

As for the Tai Chi sequence: I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how well I am able to perform the sequence of the six moves learned in the previous two weeks. It’s very helpful that the entire week 3 is the same 6 move sequence performed each day. Today, I was so confident in my ability to perform the sequence, that I used the band between my knees to add some resistance. The band did help me to concentrate on keeping my knees pried outward.

I continue to be pleased with the Tai Cheng program and how I feel after performing the moves. With week 4, I enter into a whole new phase, with new moves to learn. I’m looking forward to that.

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