Round 8: Tai Cheng, Days 26 – 30: OK, So I’m Spatially Challenged

mirrorWith the completion of Tai Cheng week 4 and the introduction of combination moves in week 5, it’s clear that I’ve been benefiting most from the additional time spent in the Neural Reboot rolling and stretching.

Something in my brain is blocking my ability to do the static poses, let alone the combo moves. I wind up completing some of the movements facing away from the screen, confident only that I’m doing something horribly wrong. Only I can’t tell what because I’m facing the wrong way! It’s all pretty embarrassing. I’ve even been pausing the video and just trying to match the positioning before pausing again and attempting to re-match. I go through each move, with multiple attempts and finish differently each time. The wrong leg out, the wrong hand up, etc.

We’re reassured: not to worry, we’re told. We’ll get many opportunities to perform these moves over the course of the program. I’m just hoping that something in my head snaps into place at some point enabling me to overcome my mirror image spatial translation challenges.

But the re-boot: the stretching and rolling. I’m excelling at that. Did I already mention that? Well, let me have my victories where I can get them!

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