Round 8: Tai Cheng, Week 9

valeo-10Now that I’m back from my adventures day hiking in Mount Rainier National Park and Hut to Hut hiking in Pitztal, Austria, I have eased back into a daily routine of Tai Cheng. By easing into, I mean that I picked up where I left off at week 9 and took about a week and a half to finish. Observations:

First, all this neural rebooting and Tai Cheng has been great for everything: my feet, ankles, knees, legs, back and neck. I hiked up and down the mountains with zero, zilch, nada, pain or tweaks the entire time. This is a tremendous milestone for me, as something typically gets tweaked when I’m hiking or backpacking. No pain made these adventures pure pleasure. Tai Cheng. It’s the real deal.

Second, after being off the Tai Cheng bandwagon for a few weeks, coming back into week 9, with a three move sequence was not pretty. The first two days of the week were completely botched. I could never complete a move without multiple errors and facing away from the screen. But I kept with it and by the fourth day I was sometimes completing the moves correctly. Not with grace, but I was getting the essence down. Today, I completed the sixth day and–like yesterday–it went very well. So there’s hope, even for uncoordinated people like me.

Finally, since for the last month, I’ve really only been using my arms to drink beer and swing hiking sticks, my tennis elbow has continued its slow recovery. It’s still not there yet, but the pain is mostly limited to when I’m pulling on something with my arm fully extended. Pushing does not hurt. So, with this week nine, I introduced med ball push ups into the neural reboot sequence during the plank/pike series: three reps of 5 push ups. Yeah, I know. That doesn’t sound like much. But give it a try sometime after six months of no upper body exercise.  I intend to continue and perhaps increase these reps in the remaining weeks of this Round.

On to Week 10!

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