Round 8: Tai Cheng, Week 10

djokovic_splitWell, I’ve completed week 10 of Tai Cheng. The good news is that by the end of the week, I could perform the Tai Chi sequence correctly and on my own–a first. It’s interesting, once I was able to sequence it on my own, without having to wait, watch and listen to perform the next step, I finally started to become aware of the fluidity of the movement. It was like, the next move in the sequence was the move that made sense and if I could stop fighting myself, I would see this sooner. Anyway, that was very encouraging for me, having failed much more often in my Tai Chi attempts than succeeded.

With week 10, I had the chance to begin the final Neural Reboot of the program. Of course, this reboot series eliminates the stuff I had gotten good at and introduces a couple of new goodies. In the foam rolling, we get to work the T-Spine. Wow, that was a whole new area of stiffness, creaking and cracking that I wasn’t even aware was so inflexible.  Good stuff.

Then… the splits. Wow, I’m nowhere near being able to perform a center or forward split. But there I was, trying and breathing. I figure any incremental flexibility I gain while avoiding injury can only be a good thing. So I continue to work at it. It’s the moves I’m incredibly bad at  that always interest me the most. I wonder: what will I be able to do with that move by the end of the program?

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