Round 8: Tai Cheng, Week 11


Goblet Squat

Week 11 is now in the can. Like last week, I was able to perform the Tai Chi sequences pretty well and, by the end of the week, on my own without prompting.

And during the reboot warm-up, even the splits were improving. Although that’s a relative term. When your initial split attempt resembles standing up, then I suppose there’s only improvement from there. Still, I look forward to the challenge each day, breathing through it and avoiding injury.

I’m still doing med ball push ups during the plank-pike sequence. I’m now at 3 round of 10 push ups. That’s all I can squeeze in without stopping the video. And I think it’s sufficient for trying to get some upper body focus going. The tennis elbow continues to improve. Still some periodic clicking, but no pain most of the time. Even with the arm extended, it’s a dull ache. I definitely feel I’m on the right side of the healing curve at this point.

Since it has been beneficial to introduce push ups into my routine, this past week I added to the effort by trying out Goblet Squats. I hadn’t ever done this particular squat before, but I wanted to see what I could do given all the slow knee bends, drop stances and cossacks I’ve been performing. I’ve been doing these slowly, 5 reps, all the way down, butt to the floor, just before the upper body part of the reboot.  I started this with a 10 lb med ball and increased the weight each day to a 40 lb dumbbell. Toward the end of the week I tried this with 2 22.5 lb dumbells at my side and promptly tweaked my back due to poor form. Nothing major, it’s almost fully resolved as I write this. The Tai Chi and reboots are loosening up the spasm.

Despite my minor setback, those Goblet Squats seem to be a good addition and a decent way to do challenging, deep squats without barbells. I just need to ensure I keep my back straight.

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