Round 8: Tai Cheng, Week 12: Bad Form

bait-and-switchI try to keep a positive tone in this blog. I really do. But this whole past week, I’ve been a bit miffed. All through this round I have been borderline evangelical about the benefits of the Tai Cheng program. Now, with week 12, I popped the final DVD into the player and discovered–to my horror–that there is no DVD included in my set that puts all 18 Tai Chi moves together into a single, uninterrupted sequence.

The final disk that comes with the Base Kit has a menu option called “Putting it All Together.” One would think that after investing 11+ weeks into the program that clicking on “Putting it All Together” would reveal what the title suggests: all 18 moves in one, harmonious sequence. The culmination of one’s efforts, as it were. But no, if that was your expectation, you would be wrong. Clicking on the “Putting it All Together” menu option just plays a stylized sequence of Dr. Cheng doing all the moves without any instruction and in a manner which cannot be replicated in real time.

This is the first Beachbody product I’ve purchased where I feel shortchanged. I didn’t receive everything that should be included with the program. Why on earth would Beachbody want to leave its customers feeling cheated at the end of an otherwise enriching experience?

I have since learned that this 18 move sequence is available for purchase in the Tai Cheng “Master Kit,” available at twice the price of the Base Kit, which I had purchased. I didn’t purchase the Master Kit because it was 1) twice as expensive and 2) came bundled with all this equipment I already owned.

So, I’ve been going through this past week 12 focusing on learning the moves and attempting to internalize sufficiently to be able to perform the sequence on my own. And in so doing, I remind myself each day about my annoyance over this.


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