Round 8/9: Tai Cheng Complete & Albert T Insanity


Yes, that’s actual sweat that flew onto my DVD cover while doing this routine.

Milestone: Well, it took significantly longer than 90 days, but today I completed the Tai Cheng program. It’s a somewhat anti-climactic ending because the final two weeks of the program are exactly the same each day. And, as stated in my prior rant, the Base Kit series I purchased does not culminate with a video walking you through the entire 18-move Tai Chi sequence. This was a disappointment to me. Yet, despite this shortcoming, I did learn some basic Tai Chi moves and benefited tremendously from the various Neural Reboots included in the program. I intend to incorporate the Neural Reboots into my current and future efforts. The Tai Chi will likely suffer as I can’t see myself fast forwarding through the sequences in my attempt to get something approaching the 18 moves in a reasonable amount of time.

And, yo, today Albert T was talkin’ spit as he worked his way through completing week 1 of Insanity. Albert T’s form was better than in prior attempts at Insanity. I kept my knees behind my toes and over my ankles. And I used my core to lift my legs on those High Knees. I did all my very important stretching and remembered to breathe throughout the routines.

This is Albert T. Insanity. Peace out.

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