Round 9, Insanity: It’s Not Arrogance if it’s True

atlas_pumpkinMilestone: During today’s Cardio Power & Resistance Routine, I was feeling pretty strong. And it was while performing the Tricep Dips, that I reached a new milestone.

You know Tricep Dips, right? You start out, butt on the floor, knees up, with feet planted and your hands on the floor next you your butt. You then raise your butt and flex your elbows back, performing up and down reps which really work the triceps. Well, as this routine progresses and your triceps are really starting to burn, that asshole Shaun T orders you to lift one leg in the air and continue your tricep dipping. Then, as the pain intensifies, you are compelled to switch, raising your other leg in the air as you dip, dip away.

Last week was the first time this round I had to perform this feat and, to be honest, my performance was sub-par. But now, 12 days into this Insanity Round, I’m feeling much stronger. So this time, I readily performed the tricep dips with first one and then the other leg raised high in the air. In fact, I was performing these so well, that I just went ahead and did several reps with BOTH legs raised. I tell ya, this Insanity program produces big results–fast.

I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging. Just sharing my accomplishments.

Happy Halloween!

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