Round 9, Insanity: Days 14-16 Backpacking and Cross-Dressing

Toccoa River along the BMT

Toccoa River along the BMT

Dis past weekend, Albert T used my rest days to go backpacking on the Benton MacKaye Trail wit my Boy Scout Troop. It was great weather and even though I only completed my second week, Albert T was feelin’ really good climbin’ does hills.

But unlike the Albert T of the past, I did not count backpacking for two days as “rest.” Instead, I took an additional recovery day to ensure I avoid over-taxing my knees. Having finished my second week, everything is feeling good and I was moving very well on those uphill climbs. There’s no reason to push beyond what I’ve been doing.

But I’m always open to new things. Today was the beginning of my third week and maybe my sixteenth pass at the Plyometric Cardio Circuit routine. All through these torture-fests, I’ve always heard Shaun T say something about wearing a sports bra when doing Insanity. Well, like the whole potato chip/turnover incident, I thought I’d set aside my personal inhibitions and give it a try. After all, this is all taking place in the privacy of my own basement. So, yes, I did the routine wearing a sports bra. And then, late into the video, when I once again heard Shaun T say: “You never wore a sports bra before Insanity, did ya?” I had to nod in agreement. And while the bra did help keep things from jiggling around too much when I was doing all those Jumping Jacks, Basket Ball and Level One Drills, I found the garment overly restricting. Plus, it didn’t seem to help improve my performance in any significant way. So, I think I’ll likely proceed bra-less through the remainder of this Insanity round.

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