Round 9, Insanity: Days 17-18, Albert T is Gettin’ Really Nervous about this Workout

button_pause_01Before heading off to another weekend of camping with my Boy Scout troop, I completed the Pure Cardio and Cardio Recovery workouts. I also, dutifully did my Tai Cheng Neural Reboot 4 and the 18 move Tai Chi sequence. But then, while camping over that chilly weekend, with all that sitting around and leading from behind, my legs tightened up. And so my knees are now expressing some degree of displeasure.

I’ve got some more hiking on my agenda for next week, so I’ve decided to take an Insanity break to allow some recovery prior to the hiking. I’m still doing the Neural Reboot and Tai Chi because that facilitates recovery. I expect to resume Insanity in a week or so.

So, yes, a pause in my relentless blogging. But, not to fear: I’ll be back.

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