Round 9, Insanity: Days 19-21, Back in the Saddle

gene_autryI’m back from my brief hiking vacation at the Grand Canyon. Prior to going, I took a few days off to give my knees a break. And, likewise, upon returning, I took some additional time to recover from the actual hiking. Though, to facilitate the recovery, I did start up with the Tai Cheng Neural Reboot 4 to loosen up my tightened legs.

This all worked out well, because I hiked down into and up the Grand Canyon with a full backpack and experienced no knee or leg issues. And breathing was great as well. The 4.6 miles up Bright Angel from our Indian Garden campground was easily within my capabilities.

After that hike, and a long plane ride back, my legs did tighten up considerably. But after a couple of days of Rebooting with the foam roller, I was able to resume the Insanity without any tweaks or loss of speed.

Week 3 is now complete.

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