Round 9, Insanity: Days 22-29, Recovery Week


A rare moment when Shaun T is not groping Ariel.

I got through the Thanksgiving holiday and the subsequent week in fits and starts with respect to exercising. The food and drink was very good. But, despite the inconsistencies, the final week of Insanity Phase 1 went pretty well.

And so, I’m now smack dab in the middle of this 60ish day Insanity regimen and it’s time for a recovery week. The entire recovery period consists of the same routine each day: Core Cardio & Balance.

Looking back, I haven’t done this routine since March 2012. So it brought back some repressed memories to the fore. For starters, I realized that all the bonhomie of the Thanksgiving holiday must have mellowed me to some degree because when the video started, I saw my imaginary nemesis Tania was there once again. And I had to play through the workout for about three full minutes before the visceral hatred again kicked in. Damn, that girl is so annoyingly cloying. The sheer, unbridled joy with which she performs every move is just intolerable. With all the digital processing power we now have at our fingertips, you’d think someone by now would’ve figured out how to remove her from the videos. You could then re-sell these adulterated workouts as some sort of Insanity premium edition, sans Tania, at a decent markup. The market is there.

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