Round 9, Insanity: Days 36-42, It’s a Little More Higher

Insanity_Max-Interval-Circuit-high-knees-arms-out-300x225This week I had the opportunity to stop holding back. With the beginning of the Insanity “Max” workouts everything, in the immortal words of Shaun T, gets a little more higher. So I did all my cardio and plyo workouts, each for about an hour. It’s pure torture.

But at some point, somewhere on one of those workouts, Shaun T gives feedback to one of the participants when he’s doing his “high knees, arms out” move. Keep your fingers straight, he’s admonished. Me, I’m just moving around, trying to remain conscious and upright and he’s tweaking this guy’s fingers ’cause they’re drooping a bit. Well, the loyal reader will know that I’ve confessed to letting go and liberally shouting obscenities at my TV while performing these workouts. So, when I saw this criticism play out before my eyes, I let the expletives fly. AND while doing my high knees, arms out, I added my own modification: I extended my middle fingers at the TV.

And, yes. I did keep my fingers straight throughout the remainder of the workout.

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