Round 9, Insanity: Days 57-60, I Played Tennis.

tennis_courtBKOr a more apt description might be: I spent some time on a tennis court.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to play a mixed doubles tennis match and I took it. My tennis elbow still isn’t 100% gone, it’s been sort of stagnant at about 95% for the past two months. Yet, feeling I have some sort of obligation to myself to live my life, I decided to try playing a match to see how it felt 1) during play and 2) afterwards.

I am in the last week of the Insanity regimen and I know enough to give myself a break from things like Max Interval Plyo prior to playing a match. So for the day before and day of my match, I did Tai Cheng and the Neural Reboot.  This was good and allowed a bit of recovery and stretching prior to play.

The good news is that my arm didn’t hurt while playing. The bad news is that not playing tennis for nine months has set me back. Far back. Way back. I was horrible. Repeated double faulting and no control whatsoever on shots. This was compounded by my playing with a new racket and looser gut strings. The new setup I know will serve me well in the long run. But it was just terrible. I felt very bad for my poor partner who played well, but not enough to offset my presence on the court.

Still, it was nice to be out there and it was a beautiful sunny day in the low 60’s.

Now, the next day, my arm is somewhat stiff and achy but not horribly so. I’m definitely in no condition for singles play, but doubles my be possible. We’ll see.

The other problem with not playing tennis is that my form was terrible and with my movements I left myself feeling more achy today than at any point in the last nine months. That made today’s Max Interval Plyo less than optimal. Not a big deal. But I’ll need to re-learn something resembling form if I want to play and avoid further damage.

One more day and Insanity is in the can.

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