Round 9, Insanity: Done.

FinNow that I’ve completed a stand-alone round of Insanity, I can report that it’s possible to complete the regimen and not lose weight. You just need to ensure there is no self denial going on during the 60ish day long program.

Whenever I do Insanity, I always get ravenously hungry later in the day. Now, had I wanted to lose weight, all I would’ve had to do was forgo beer and wine and simply eat less. But I did this all through the holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s. Every day there was a party, event or excuse to eat and drink. And I did. Yet I didn’t gain any weight. And so I sit here at 155 lbs, about 5 lbs over my “fighting weight.” Mission accomplished.

I imagine those 5 lbs would be pretty easy to lose at this point with my Insanity stoked metabolism increase. Since I’ll be taking a break to recover a bit, my hunger should subside and those 5 lbs should melt away.

The important thing though is that my cardio conditioning is very good at the moment and I completed this round without any knee issues. I really believe that P90X-2 and Tai Cheng helped build my legs and improved overall stability and balance around the knees. And that this positioned me well to take on Insanity with better form and deeper squats than prior efforts.

It’s also very satisfying that at my age I am able to do this routine reasonably well and show strong improvement over the weeks and months.

By the book, Insanity is a 61 day program. It took me 89 days to complete due to vacations, guests, the holidays and so on. I also simply took additional days off as needed when something seemed on the edge of getting tweaked.

As I go through my recovery period, I hope to dabble a bit with some mixed doubles tennis. Assuming the elbow cooperates, I’ll then start my 10th round with a go at the new P90X-3 regimen. I hope that happens, because it would be fun to try something new.

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