Round 10, P90X3, Day 2: Agility X

My Agility X tape placement

My Agility X tape placement

I’m sitting here writing this post on Day 3 and, as predicted, I’m achy as hell. That Day 1 Total Synergistics has officially caught up with me.

Yesterday’s Agility X went reasonably well, for a first attempt . I’m always so uncoordinated when learning new moves, no matter how simple. But the level of activity was pretty high and, unlike Day 1, I was sweating through this workout.

Before starting, I dutifully placed my tape on the floor. I took two four foot lengths and placed them five feet apart. These parallel strips are used as visual targets in every move and it’s clearly beneficial to use them. The placement of the tape helps ensure consistent movement and effort throughout the routine.

Early on, during the lunge sequence, my hamstrings tightened up, which is very unusual for me.  But I forged ahead. As the workout progressed, I realized that its very important to have a decent grasp of your abilities, because I can see how several of these moves could result in injury from excess effort, not unlike Insanity.

And those squat forward jumps, reverse sprints: I found them very demanding.

I woke up this morning tight and sore, dreading today’s workout. But prior to sitting down to write this, I looked at the schedule and saw that Yoga is on the menu. I am so happy now, because that is exactly what I’m needing.

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