Round 10, P90X3, Day 3: Yoga

P90X_yoga_duration_chartYesterday brought with it a much needed yoga session. Why? Well, as it turns out, the relatively “easy” day one of P90X3 turned out to be harder on my body than I had originally thought. With each passing day, the aches only increased. And since Day One was a “Total Body” workout, the aches were distributed everywhere. Joy.

So, when I saw Yoga was on the schedule yesterday, I was very happy. I needed a break.

But after the 30 minutes I confess I found the routine wanting. What’s that? 30 minutes? For Yoga? Yes, that’s right. Most P90Xers complained loudly at the 92 minute duration demanded of the original Yoga X from the P90X workout. In response, P90X2 lopped off almost 30 minutes, reducing X2 yoga to 67 minutes. But for yoga haters, and this seems to be mostly men, this was insufficient. So, with P90X3, we are rewarded with a 30 minute yoga session. Given this trend, I fully expect that in P90X4, Yoga will be reduced further to maybe 30 seconds, with a single Om.

I’m actually in the minority and I complained that the 67 minute P90X2 Yoga seemed too rushed. And given this, I’m not surprised that I found yesterday’s X3 Yoga even more frenetic. Honestly, it didn’t even seem like yoga to me. More of a quick showcase of various moves, always moving. No time for breathing and getting a stretch.

In fact, I actually tweaked my back yesterday as I flipped rapidly back into plow, attempting to catch up with the gymnasts on the video. This outcome is, of course, the opposite of what one hopes to achieve with a yoga session. Now today, I face an array of pull ups with a compromised back. Not good.

With the previous incarnations of P90X and X2 yoga, I ended each session feeling very good and that  feeling stayed with me for the entire day. Yesterday, not so much. Tweaked back aside, I just felt like I had done some nameless activity for 30 minutes with no clear goal or desired outcome. I certainly didn’t feel better.

So that’s my brutal assessment. X3 Yoga is a big fail because it attempts to make Yoga something it is not. And for this reason, I expect it will be very popular with male P90X workout aficionados.

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