Round 10, P90X3, Days 10 – 11: Yoga, XC Skiing & The Challenge

Me heading out on my southern ski adventure

Me heading out on my southern ski adventure

We’ve been experiencing another crippling snow storm here in the South. One to two inches of snow and some ice has again brought Atlanta to its knees. All commerce has come to a halt. But it’s all melting away as quickly as it arrived.

I took the opportunity this morning to dust off my old cross country skis and get some activity in before it melted.

I ventured up and out of our neighborhood and over to the elementary school across the street. There, in the back playground area, I found some pretty decent snow for skiing. Good fun. These are brief opportunities. The snow was nearly gone from our streets by the time I returned home.

Yesterday was my second go at the ADD Yoga of P90X3. Really, it’s just nonstop. There’s not much opportunity to stretch. This time though, I didn’t tweak anything, so that’s something.

Today, after my ski, I again did The Challenge workout. This is the one that is just alternating between pull ups and push ups for the entire routine. As I began, I decided to keep my pull up reps at 5 per set and increase my push ups to 16. But as the sets progressed, I found I could do more. So I increased my pull ups to 6 reps, then 7. And I also increased my push ups to 18 toward the end.

Even with these increases, these are pretty low rep counts. And I have a good deal of time in this workout waiting for the cast to finish up their 20 pull ups and 40 push ups. I could have used that free time to sneak in a few more reps, but I again decided to take it “easy” and not tempt fate and risk injury. It was still a challenge for me and a good workout.

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