Round 10, P90X3, Days 16 – 19: Gaining

GainNo, I’m not gaining weight. I’m getting back some of my upper body strength. As in: I can now bench press not one, but two, cats!

As I’ve been going through this third week of P90X3, I’m finding everything is proceeding much mo’ betta.

Even the cardio yoga wasn’t as annoying. I guess it’s because I’m more familiar with the sequence. I did that one-legged “Ted’s Chair” pose with ease.

But, more importantly, with yesterday’s “the Challenge,” I found myself: 1) looking forward to it and 2) increasing my reps. I was feeling good.

With today’s CVX, I continued to use a 10 lb med ball on all the weighted moves. This is a much needed routine for be. I know because my shoulders burn, repeatedly hoisting that ball over the 30 minute session.

And now, I’m heading out to do a 5.5 mile fast hike down by the river. It’s beautiful out there: 65 degrees and sunny. Gotta go seize it.


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