Round 10, P90X3, Days 20 – 23: Wait. What?

Calories-in-Banana“Don’t put Banana and Hammock in the same sentence”–Tony Horton

Somehow, during the end of the Dynamix routine, this comes up. And let me just say, it’s hard to hold a banana pose when laughing.

I’m now into the fourth week of P90X3. It’s a recovery week, and with it I have the opportunity to be exposed to some new routines. Yesterday’s Isometrix was basically a half hour of static yoga poses, each held for 45 seconds. In general, I performed well. Although closing my eyes on one of the poses proved surprisingly challenging at first. Not the closing of the eyes–that was easy. It was the maintaining the balance pose with the eyes closed that was a bit problematic at first. It was interesting how my mind’s eye thought I was falling out of balance. I had to clear my mind (which many would agree doesn’t take much effort for me) and then all was good with the eyes closed balance pose.

Isometrix was a pretty decent routine. I see that, as with Pilates, it only shows up three times in the 90 day calendar. I may substitute with some of the multiple Dynamix routines. Gripping stuff, I know.

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