Round 10, P90X3, Days 31 – 38: I’m Feelin’ Mighty Low

mighty-lowI’ve been dutifully pushing “play,” in this second block of P90X3. But since Sunday, I’ve been feeling very weak and tired and drained.

I attribute this to adding two, 5 mile fast hike/trail runs into my weekend activity. And not eating enough to offset the additional burn.

So even though these workout routines are only 30 minutes long, you can still apply yourself and experience the cumulative effect of the consecutive days and weeks of activity. During Eccentric Upper, in particular, I was definitely wanting in ability. But today was Yoga, and so I’m starting to come back to life.

Weakness aside, I’m really enjoying this second block of P90X3. We’re lifting weights again, something that has been missing from my life for far too long. And the Eccentric Lower and Triometrics routines should be very good for Tennis movement.

Tennis practice tonight, if it doesn’t rain. It will be a good opportunity to test my elbow and rediscover my range.

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