Round 10, P90X3, Days 39 – 43: It Smells Like… Victory!

apocalypsenow-kilgoreSo even though I haven’t been feeling my best, I’ve been slogging through the past several days, just keeping at it. And then something happened.

I played tennis.

And we won!

This is good because since the onset of my tennis elbow about a year ago, what very minimal play I had was severely compromised by my hesitation and ability to fully use my arm. Well I used it this past weekend and, while it’s a bit achy, it didn’t hurt at all during play. The only issue, really, was just my incompetence from lack of play and practice while going through this incredibly slow healing process. And it’s good we won, because for the past year my focus hadn’t been on winning. It was entirely in assessing my arm’s ability to survive a match. So this weekend’s win was about figuring out mentally how to win when not playing particularly well. So, it was a good start to the Spring Men’s doubles ALTA season.

With P90X3, I’ve been increasing my weights. Just minor increases have a major impact with these repetitive sequences. Pull ups–especially those slow eccentric negatives–remain weak, but I am feeling the benefit.

And I hit a milestone yesterday: for the first time ever in an MMX (and I can also include Kenpo X in this) routine, I punched myself in the side of my head. Fortunately, my punch lacked any significant wallop. But it was somewhat chastening.


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1 Response to Round 10, P90X3, Days 39 – 43: It Smells Like… Victory!

  1. Joe says:

    lol! I have MMX tomorrow…will be very careful!

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