Round 10, P90X3, Days 50 – 56: A Little More Better

sat-improving-paragraphsThis was the last week of P90X3’s Block 2 and an opportunity to revisit some routines that were last performed at the end of the first block of the program.

To be perfectly honest, my mood has been vacillating each day in this second block as I monitor my weight, results and how I’m feeling physically.

My weight, which was 155 lbs. when I started this round, remains at 155 lbs. OK, I realize that 155 lbs is thin for a 6 footer, Yet my body continues to cherish that gooey blob in my belly. And throughout this round, I’ve weighed in at 155 lbs +/- 1 lb regardless of diet, or added in caloric burn from tennis and hiking/trail running. So, I’ve been feeling frustrated at my inability to effect change, say get down to 150 lbs. Something I assumed would be very easy.

Yet these Recovery weeks at the end of each block offer the opportunity to assess changes that come over the course of weeks. While my weight has been constant, I have definitely realized gains.

In Isometrix, the routine of static yoga poses that had me tumbling and stumbling in my first attempt, I was able to do all the moves very well, with good stability. Even Pilates, now having completed my second go at it, went much , much better. I have experienced good gains in mobility and flexibility. On the tennis court and while hiking I also have a more explosive step when advancing.

The Yoga, for me continues to be too frenetic and short in duration. But I think I’ve come up with a good solution. Throughout this round, I’ve been continuing to do the Tai Cheng Neural Reboot 4 stretching sequence at least twice a week. (I’m getting better, and closer to my goal of being able to do a full split.) Anyway, my Yoga solution is simply to add in this reboot sequence to the end of the Yoga session. It successively resolves the remaining kinks the yoga fails to address in the 30 minutes. And it reminds me to keep my posture straight.

I also had the chance to do the CVX routine for the last time this round. This is the cardio routine that incorporates weights into the moves. The last several times, I’ve been lifting a 10 lb med ball. So, this being the last session of CVX, I loaded up with a 12 lb med ball. That was very difficult for me, just those 2 extra pounds over the course of 30 minutes. I was able to stay with the 12 lb ball throughout with decent form, though at a slightly slower pace.  Even though my arms no longer worked by the end, I was happy.

Now I’m into the final Block 3, which introduces a couple of new routines to keep things interesting. Looking forward to seeing what they’re about.

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