Round 10, P90X3, Days 57 – 63: Fecund

pollenThe word of the week has been: Fecund.

Spring is literally in the air here in Atlanta. The air is just full of pollen wafting about and settling on everything. Its effect on me is that it makes me very tired. Its effect on tennis play is that it’s easier to make line calls.

I was moving very well this week on the tennis court. One of my opponents joked that he was going to require me to pee in a cup after the match because I was getting to all the balls. Also, I was feeling pretty confident about my general ability to put the ball in the desired location I was aiming. That, plus we won the match.

I’m now in the third third of the P90X3 program. I remain a fan of the workouts and the results. I’m considering just doing a second round of X3 when I finish this one.

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