Round 10, P90X3, Days 74 – 81: Desire

head-graphene-speed-proThe Spring ALTA doubles tennis season ended this past weekend with mixed results. The good news is my elbow performed well throughout the season with only minor stiffness subsequent to play. The bad news remains my lack of ability to play consistently. Throughout the season, I’ve enjoyed days where I felt in full control of the ball. On other days, it was pretty bad.

But I never encountered any fitness issues. My movement was good and I never tired over the course of the matches. P90X3 has been great for building leg and core strength and improved my overall agility. And I played through an entire season without injury. So I’m sold on X3 as a great maintenance program for the long haul that leaves enough gas in the tank for extra activity such as tennis.

Playing without pain, even at my mediocre level, has me again thinking of getting back to singles play. I had hoped to re-start this past spring, but my elbow still wasn’t 100% at the beginning of the season, so I decided to wait and see how doubles went. Now, I’m thinking of playing in the summer singles league. The only hesitation I have is that, here in Atlanta, it gets pretty darn hot in the summer. But it might be interesting to see how I perform, physically, in that extreme heat. I haven’t decided yet. So, I’ll have to leave you all hanging for the time being.

Today was my last go at Triometrics for this round of X3. I have to say that this is one of my favorite workouts. All those squats and plyo jumps have really improved my legs. Since I have noticed this benefit, I always try to give it my best effort. And since I intend to use those legs on several hikes this summer, it’s just a good investment of my time.

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