Round 11, P90X3: Day 1

startIt’s my birthday. So today I gave myself the gift to starting another round of P90X3. It’s been two weeks since I finished my last 90+ day effort and it is always completely humbling to start again.

Even though it’s only a 30 minute routine, I almost threw up about half way through it. At this point, it’s almost as if the stopping is more of a shock to the system than the ongoing, daily exercising. But the stopping has it’s own benefits, I’m sure. I just didn’t feel them today. I worked hard for those 30 minutes as an affirmation of life. I can say that my pull ups were certainly stronger than when I started P90X3 earlier this year, so I feel I’ve got a good baseline to play with.

I also signed up to play singles tennis. That’s right. Singles tennis in the summer heat. I haven’t played singles in the summer since 2006. Two things will be tested. 1) my arm, now hopefully back from my year long hiatus due to tennis elbow and 2) my ability to deal with the heat. In the past, I tended to outlast my opponents with my refusal to wilt in the heat. I’m older now, but arguably fitter. It will be interesting to see how that all plays out.

I started this blog back in 2011 as a tool to help trick me into staying the course with keeping fit. Now, however, the actual working out has become a habit and the blog no longer serves that purpose for me. So, I expect my posts will be fewer and more tied to the things that the routines enable me to enjoy, as opposed to the minutiae of the routines themselves. But since it’s my blog, I of course, reserve the right to post about anything I want, whenever I want. So, you’ve been warned!

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