Round 11, P90X3: Three Weeks In

tennisballnetToday I finished the third week of this round of P90X3.

Following my brief between round break, I found that first week especially challenging. Lots of the old aches and pains returned with full expression. But as the days and weeks progressed, I’ve been feeling stronger again, with little achiness from day to day. Pull ups and push ups, in particular,  are returning to my standard level of competence.

Coupled with these routines, I’ve tossed my hat into the summer singles league here. So far, I’ve completed two matches. Unfortunately, I lost them both. The first match was total domination by my opponent. I have no doubt he will be moved up to a higher level after this season. My second match was yesterday. It was a three hour, three set match in 85-93 degree heat. My younger opponent would not go away. Believe me, I moved him all over the court. Winning a point required decisive winners. I hit them, sure. But not enough. The three hour slog was a huge physical effort. Though, in the end, super saturated, sweat-soaked, pruney skin was the true challenge. I managed to get through it without getting any blisters. But I can’t say my jammed, bruised toes are happier for the effort. It’s always disheartening to lose (especially a three set investment), but I was satisfied with my movement and stamina.

I play tennis because it’s fun, right?

On to a well-earned recovery week.

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