Round 11, P90X3: Sick ‘n Tired.

Cherokee Falls, Cloudland Canyon Ste Park, GA

Cherokee Falls, Cloudland Canyon Ste Park, GA

Ugh. It’s Day 37. Into the second week of Block 2. It should be fun and challenging and rewarding because it’s the block where we get to express our masculinity and lift weights. Only it’s none of that. Because for the past couple of weeks I’ve been sick with a persistent, lingering head cold, congestive, swollen lymph node thing that is sapping me of energy.

I know I caught it on an airplane while traveling with the great unwashed masses.

I started out, as I always do, attempting to muscle through it. I continued working out and playing tennis matches. But the workouts started getting pretty compromised with poor performance and the tennis–I won the matches–well, it was difficult to muster the energy. So I took a week off of X3 and didn’t schedule any matches for that same week. I just started up again exercising yesterday, but I’m still annoyingly weak. Errrr. It’s JULY! Why am I sick?

It reminds me of that saying: “It’s better to be rich and healthy than to be poor and sick.”

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