Round 11, P90X3: Day 45, Half Way.

One-halfOne week ago I finally recovered from my lingering cold. And, I must say the difference is quite stark. Working out and playing tennis were like I had been given a shot of pure energy. Suddenly, I have vim again. This re-gained health demonstrated itself with better results in the workouts and with wins on the singles court.

I just finished the summer singles tennis season. When I signed up to play, I wasn’t sure how I would do, coming back from my tennis elbow injury that side-lined me for almost a full year. Plus, I hadn’t played summer singles since 2006. Even though that was pre-P90X Albert, I was materially younger back then. Well, the results are in. I started out losing my first two matches with some pretty uninspired play. It was clear I had lost something of the competitive will to win. But then I did start winning, even when sick. And as the cold relented, my physical performance only improved, much to the dismay of my opponents. I wound up winning all but those first two matches, even beating the previously undefeated winner of my division. This left me feeling pretty good. Better, the elbow held up throughout the season.

So, now I’m at the half-way point of this round. It’s gonna wind up extending way past 90 days because I have travel in my future and a glorious backpacking trip scheduled for the Teton Crest Trail. That’s OK, though. It’s why I work out in the first place.

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2 Responses to Round 11, P90X3: Day 45, Half Way.

  1. Great effort would’ve been great to see how you did against your second opponent later on in the season once got back in to the swing (pun intended). I’m about half way through week five of your P90x-Insanity Hybrid and I must concur with you about starting out again, after finishing P90x I remember thinking those first few workouts I hated at the start became very easy, when starting up I recall how easy they seemed but now after a hiatus, no so much =)

    • Andrew, thanks for the note. And the trigger to get back at it with the blog. I’m finishing up week 8 of X3 today. Hope to catch up with this blog soon. Good luck with the Hybrid. It’s a tough workout.

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