Round 11, P90X3: Days 46 – 58. Third Third.

dice-3-mdYesterday to started the third third of this round of P90X3. Although I’m in decent shape, and recently completed a 4 day backpacking trip in the Tetons, I found the Decelerator routine to be difficult. This is not altogether surprising because I did take a few weeks off to accommodate business travel and vacation. When I started again, it was in the easier recovery week. This was fine, because I needed recovery after the backpacking. But my hiatus was definitely felt yesterday, particularly in the upper body, as I was asked to do the various pull ups which are peppered throughout the routine.

Tennis season has started again. Doubles on Saturday resulted in a hot, humid, three set loss. It wasn’t physical, though. It was inconsistent play. This is also not surprising since I haven’t been playing. But it is disappointing, nevertheless. I also signed up for the fall singles tennis league. As always, my goal is to complete the season without injury and respectable results. As I recall, this third block complemented tennis well. Hopefully, my memory is accurate.


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