Round 11, P90X3: Done.

Done_stampMilestone: This is my 500th Post.

Well it took 133 days, but I finally finished my 11th Round of Beachbody programs. It took significantly longer due to travel and a frustrating cold one-third of the way through the Round.

The results have nevertheless been very satisfying. I continue to improve in range of motion, stability and agility. I’ve noticed more athleticism when playing key points in my tennis matches. And, as a general rule, I have not needed to dip into the Advil bottle to play or recover. Though, I did take 3 Advil after losing a 3 hour, 3 set singles match a week ago. This is more the exception than the rule. I’m very satisfied with the structure and variability of the X3 program and how it’s helped me to avoid injury.

That said, I’m sitting here now on October 15th contemplating what to do next. Because of the duration of this Round, there are not enough days remaining this year for me to reach my (arbitrary ) goal of completing three 90 day programs each year. So, given my good results last year, I’m thinking of doing another 60 day Insanity Round. I think if I continue to focus on form, I can get it done without injury. The additional benefit would be the focus on cardio. If I go this route, I’ll likely include some of the Tai Cheng program to balance the Insanity stress.

Oh and my weight is up to 158 from 155 lbs. This is not a daily fluctuation thing. It’s been sitting at or around 158 for a couple of months now. I don’t consider this a problem. However, if–six months from now–I’m reporting 165 lbs, then I’m going on record to my future self that sacrifices will need to be made.

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